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Baby Pictures Help

I can't Log-On to view the baby picture and information.

  • Try re-entering the user name and password first. This is the most common problem and is easily solved.

  • The user name and password may not be in the database. Please allow 2-3 days for us to post the information and picture of the baby on the Web site.

  • The record may no longer be valid. We keep the baby data in our database for 6 months after the day of birth. After this, the record is deleted.

  • If you know that a baby should be in our database and you are certain that the user name and password entered is correct, please notify the Webmaster. Make sure that you include this information:

    1. Parents' name(s)
    2. Your name
    3. Your home and/or office phone number
    4. Your street address

    please note: You must include all of the
    information above for security purposes.

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  • Help

    I can't log on to view the baby picture and information.

    Who do I contact to get a user name and password?

    Who makes up the user names and passwords?

    How can I put my baby on this site?

    Is this safe and secure?

    I noticed a mistake in the information, who do I contact?

    How do I send a congratulatory message to the parents?

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