June 13

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Family Practice

Family Practice is the diagnosis and treatment of medical problems of all family members, coordination of overall care and general health maintenance. Family Practice is considered "primary care," but it is still a specialty. Family practice physicians receive education and training in a wide range of medical fields, such as obstetrics, pediatrics, and internal medicine, so they can care for people of all ages. You should consider your family practice physician as the first line of defense against an illness or injury. They can help determine if a specialist is needed, and can direct you to the appropriate physician or surgeon.

Michael J. McFadden, MD
Martin J. Cleary, MD
Greg Harmston, MD
Christopher Jelinek, MD
Beth Kalnins, MD
Terry Miller, MD
Michael Perry, MD
David L. Reese, MD
Paul G. Steinke, DO
Shokry Tawfik, MD
Allen Workman, MD
Rebecca Pedersen, MD
Brian T. Bennett, MD
Stephen Welch, MD
Daniel C. Woods, MD
Lucio J. Martinez, MD

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